Your web store with direct payment to your own account.

Customized for different business models: Wholesale, Retail, Multivendor, Marketplace (Like eBay, Amazon ...). A custom web store for each member, Multilingual setting, Connecting and Selling on Social Networks, Unlimited number of products, Managed or self-managed web shop, Single or multiple web shop. The best way to sell and present your products and services.

Additional service for members

Overview of business information and tenders (European Union), Profilog Network and MarketPress services, Set up one or more web stores, Free web hosting, Administrative Control panel, Free .tk or .cf domain (one year), Wordpress toolkit,  Free SSL Certificates.


Additionally: Free Online course worth $ 2000.

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Over 2 million business entities and 300.000 managers and sales agents from 80 countries.

MarketPress - Sales and Marketing Services - Powerful business experience in retail and wholesale

Presentation of your products and services to members of the network. Direct communication without automatic messages.


Business notification & Tenders.

Public bidding - Daily information on the offer and demand for new products and services.



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